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Universal Linking Network

Layer 2 Settlement Solution

Infrastructure that stays out of the way

Blockchain infrastructure for the world without limitations


Without native coin all tokens and assets on the network are first class citizens. Transaction fees are paid with the selected token of use.


Solid foundation for clean transactions and automated garbage collection of trash tokens. The network self-regulates removing trash tokens.


Built to supply the world with a fast, energy efficient Proof-of-Authority (PoA) network. Designed for network optimization.


Programming skills not needed to build a token or crypto asset in the digital space. A user-friendly UI lets users create and build Cryptocurrencies and assets with in-depth configuration options without having to touch a single line of code.

Top level Solutions

Crypto-Charities & Raising Funds

Do you have a state of the art project you want to work on? Maybe you have a group that needs to collect donations for something like planting trees. ULN will have an easy turn key donations solution for your needs.

Payment Solutions

Does your organization or business need a decentralized payment or donation solution? We have you covered. Our payment solution can be a direct drop into any size business or organization for a fast e-commerce solution.

Trade Crypto-Currencies

The built in coin exchange api's layout the path to easy trading platforms. No longer do you need to work with multiple centralized exchanges to get the coin you want.

Digital Asset Market

Creating, Selling, Owning and using digital assets are now easier then ever with our turn key solutions for all digital assets. We provide simple tools to create and manage your digital assets along with api's that can be integrated into your products.

Native Payment Gateway

Today's methods of moving fiat to crypto and back are overly complicated. We provide a simple payment gateway solution to connect your ULN wallet to your fiat bank account so you can have a simple streamlined process to access your currency.

It all starts here

Get ULN Token

Power of linking nodes

With the power of linking nodes; we wrap coins from any network into a more effective network removing the downfalls of older networks.

Project Timeline

  • 01. Pre-Sale

    Angel investor phase.

  • 02. IDO sale

    The sale of the ULN Token (ULNT) will fund the development and marketing.

  • 03. ULN Treasury DAO

    The development of a DAO on BNB & Ethereum networks will be setup to manage the ULN Treasury.

  • 04. Beta Test Net

    We will let users with the needed ULN Tokens generate RegKeys for the Beta Test Network.

  • 05. Stable Main Network

    Main Net goes live alongside the conversion widget that will let users buy RegKeys for the network using ULN Tokens.

  • 06. Linking Major Networks

    Linking Nodes will be established to all Blockchains. With each new Linking Node the network will grow in assets and profitability for node operators.

  • 07. Payment Gateway APIs

    We will develop Payment Gateway APIs that can connect your websites to the ULN network to proccess payments.

  • 08. Integrated Exchange

    The integrated Exchange will go live; giving users and node operators the ability to convert all currencies and assets on the network.

  • 09. ULN Treasury Native DAO

    The native ULN Treasury DAO will be setup on the ULN network. Once the native DAO is confirmed stable; the DAOs on BNB and Ethereum will be liquidated and merged into the native DAO.

  • 10. User Friendly Builder

    The best part of the network is removing the need for extensive programming skills to develop a crypto-asset. With the builder tool we will open the world to blockchain assets.

  • 11. World Market Design

    Using the power of OpenSimulator; we will build an interactive 3D model of our in world market designs for the community to view before major investment in real world infrustructure begins.

  • 12. Ground Work Begins

    Using the final designs from our Open Simulation, ground would will begin on the construction of modern real world markets that can take advantage of the ULN infrastructure.

Meet our Team

Patrick W. McMahon
Patrick W. McMahon

Founder - CEO/CTO

Christopher D. Mejia
Christopher D. Mejia

Co-Founder - COO

William Deneuce
William Deneuce


Lukas Grossi
Lukas Grossi


Jeff Girault
Jeff Girault

Systems Engineer

Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips

UI/UX Engineer

Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez